Proven Success: 80%
Distinction Rate for both IB & A Levels!

There is a secret formula to success in A level Cambridge physics as well as IB. The tutor spent 10 years on studying the pattern on how questions were set in the Cambridge and IB examinations

The Code to As is broken. 

Learn the Insights: Master the Right Techniques in Answering Questions

As a ex-JC Physics Head of Department with 12 years of Experience in A level H2/H1 physics, Mr Jeremy is able to build up an acute awareness of question requirements and impart crucial answering techniques.

Customized Learning 

The tutor is able to pace the lessons according to your needs. With practice questions, it has been proved through his past records that students see a great improvement in grades! Their excellent performances in internal school examinations eventually led to high distinction rates in the National Examinations.

Confused & Unsure? Misconceptions no more!

Don't wait for the exams to only learn what you don't know! With vast experience & knowledge in the subject, Mr Jeremy will identify common and challenging question-types and concepts which most students fall prey to.

Be always one step ahead of the rest!

Highlights to expect

Concise notes covering key misconceptions faced by most students!

Common Challenging Questions

Learn the answer techniques to score your Cambridge papers! 


It has been a great pleasure to have been your student. Your teaching style makes the whole classroom at ease and it makes us very comfortable asking anything. Thanks for giving us abundant of resources to study and practise. It definitely helped me to improve my leaps and bounds. Thanks for the free food as well! Wishing you all the best!

— Linus, Raffles Junior College'18

Final grade: A



I joined Mr Jeremy's physics lessons only in JC2, but he transformed my physics grade immensely in this short span of time to a B in prelims and finally A in the A-levels. He sincerely cares for his students, and conducts additional lessons even on of charge! You can always depend on him to be around to answer your queries, and he’s one of the best teachers to find if you ever need help.

— Yihan, Hwa Chong Junior College'18

Final grade: A


This tuition centre is amazing and Mr Jeremy is amazing and very knowledgeable in H2 Physics. He delivers content in a very understandable and effective way! Because of the smooth delivery of content that is understandable as well, he inspired and motivated me for the A I have gotten for Physics.

— Tharun, Anglo Chinese Junior College'18

Final grade: A


“I don’t think words of a testimonial can sufficiently express my gratitude towards Mr Jeremy for his support throughout the strenuous period of A levels. Facing an onslaught of misconceptions and lack of understanding in the solutions to various challenging questions, his dedication was evident as he had patiently explained with great clarity.

Under his guidance, I have resolved many of the problems I had with Physics before. Thank you so much for being so committed and determined to make sure I excel in Physics ”

— Tim, ACSI IB HL, Physics Grade 7 2019


“ Not many parents may strongly assert this, but I can confidently say that Mr Jeremy is a dedicated teacher who has certainly made a difference in my son’s progress in Physics. Having been troubled by the complexity of the subject, my son had tried all ways but witness little or no improvement.
This was till we had engaged Mr Jeremy's tutoring that I had seen him progressively regaining confidence in the subject.

Mr Jeremy's step-by-step guidance and customised teaching have eventually led to my son’s excellent results. As a mother, I am, needless to say, exuberant and beyond relieve! 
For all parents and students who have been facing the same challenge, I would strongly recommend Mr
Jeremy as a teacher who is capable of addressing and resolving your concerns!”


— Mrs Khoo, Parent

Mr Jeremy has played a big factor for my physics results. I sought help from him after constant Us for physics in J1, to the point where my parents were called up. After his crash course in June, I managed a B in block test 1. Over the course of 2 years, while my grades were not the best, my struggle with understanding physics concepts was gone. He is willing to take the time outside lessons to explain concepts to students that are unable to keep up in class. He also arranges many consultation sessions for us to clarify our doubts. Thanks to his dedication, I managed to achieve an A for physics in the end.

— Gerald, Hwa Chong Junior College'18

Final grade: A



Mr Jeremy is one of the most dedicated teachers and inspiring and passionate people I have come across. I started off my lessons with him after my promos in J1 with an "S" for physics and by March he was able to help me pull my GP up to a B. Of course, my prelims and A levels were A because of his consistent dedication to helping me improve. Even after I had scored A for my prelims, he offered to give me extra lessons for free just so I could fine-tune my weaker topics.

— Arravind, Raffles Junior College'18

Final grade: A


“Under the guidance of Mr Jeremy, my daughter had managed to achieve A for her Physics. I am genuinely grateful towards his dedication in helping her to achieve her excellent results. 
On a personal level, his friendliness has allowed me as a parent to keep in constant close contact and be on track of my daughter’s progress. Thank you very much Mr Jeremy.”

— Mrs Leung, Parent


“Thank you for the countless hours of help Mr Jeremy, your notes particularly helped me in achieving the A for A’levels! With my stellar results, I will finally be able to fulfil my aim of applying to Cambridge Law.”


— Edward, Innova JC, Grade A, H2 Physics

(Top Student of 2017 cohort)



“After benefiting from Mr Jeremy's teaching, I have finally achieved my A in the A’levels! It was really unexpected given my mastery of the subject before I’d seek his help. I am so grateful to have undergone his lessons and finally attaint that A that I had initially thought was out of my reach.”

— Sara, Hwa Chong JC, Grade A, H2 Physics


“Mr Jeremy's guidance and support were instrumental in grounding my knowledge of physics. His classes also allowed me to develop a newfound appreciation for the subject, and his explanations of difficult concepts were easy to understand and follow.”

— Tan Jian Shiun, Student (Grade 7 for IB 2018 for HL Physics)



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